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Re: Ask the Experts: Live Q&A Session with the Act! Product Team #Actv16QA

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Re: Ask the Experts: Live Q&A Session with the Act! Product Team #Actv16QA

Scheduling an activity series against opportunity not a contact.

It seems I cannot have a activity series associated with/to a opportunity.

I was told by Sage they knew of this and were looking into a fix(2 years ago). I am on 2012 premium and not sure if 2013 or 2014 will have a fix. I seem to think not.

It is deceiving since if I have the opportunity window open and I can still go to activity series and use it. However the activities will be created for the contact that is in the contact window, not the contact on the opportunity or the opportunity itself.

We have tried to use the activity series and create a group for each opportunity since in the activity series window you can associate to a group. This was abandoned as it creates to many steps for each OPP.

Where this fails is when 1 contact has more than 1 OPP.. in our case that could mean 5 projects for the same client at the same time.

if 1 client has 5 projects & each  OPP.. has 6 Phases, and each phase has 3 to 15 tasks. There is no way that I can see to differentiate ea task for the specific Opp. We can however add each task individually but this is out of the question.

The flaw is in thinking that all tasks will be for the contact. We should be able to decide contact or opp in the activity series window.

After testing many cloud apps (podio, Wunderlist, toodlele, campbase etc  so many out) I built an internal MS access database that accomplished this for us.. however it would really be great if we do not need yet another software to manage this.

Any thoughts or advise or even a add-on would be appertained