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RPC Server is unavailable.

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RPC Server is unavailable.

My IT support team has just installed ACT! 2010 on my server, created a path to my PC and set up an initial data base. Before leaving, he checked that MS Outlook opened correctly and that we could send emails from ACT.


The first record that I put into the database has an email address (work) and a website.  The website link works fine, so there is no problems with my PC accessing the internet through the server on my LAN.


The email however is a problem. I keep getting a message that the RPC Server is unavailable. This comes up when I click on the email link in the data base as well as the Write email link in the tool bar.  I have done a Google search and this seems to be a common problem - although many of the posts were back in 2009.


How do we fix this problem?   I have taken screen dumps and also reported the problem to MicroSoft - I am very disappointed with this being such an issue.


Are there some steps that we can take to isolate and correct the problem?


Thank you

Lesley Dewar


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Re: RPC Server is unavailable.

Not a single reply - in six years?


I encounter the same problem too, occasionally, when running a mail merge with Outlook.  Outlook them crashes and restarts.




Version of Act! 19.0
Office 365
Database is on my local machine (private database)
Operating system is Windows 10

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Re: RPC Server is unavailable.