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Qutoes to Order form?

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Qutoes to Order form?

I have been using the quotes form in ACT 10 and was wondering if there was a way or program for creating an order form from the quote or a separate order itself?  I like the idea of a separate order form b/c not all of my orders are generated from quotes and yet I still want to pull the data from the products list in the opportunities tab.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Qutoes to Order form?

ACT! only supports one Quote template but you can achieve what you want with an add-on program. Personally I use this one which actually produces documents in Excel You can create as many different "forms" as you like and merge information from both Contact and Opportunity fields.


This has the added benefit that you can do supplementary calculations in Excel as well.



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Re: Qutoes to Order form?

We have an addon called Opportunity List Plus for ACT! that also supports unlimited word templates. It has a few more feature such as:

 - Opportunity List management with colonization group reporting

 - Auto convert to PDF

 - Auto attach to email.


Check it out at



-- jim durkin