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Quicker Mail Merge

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Quicker Mail Merge

There are several mail merges I want to do regularly.  Can I get certain mail merge templates put on my toolbar or navbar for easy access?
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Re: Quicker Mail Merge

Hi rrugen,


First of all I am not a technician.  You didn't metion the ACT version you are using.  I will assume that it is the latest version.


As for putting an icon on the tool bar to run the same mail merge repeatedly, I don't know if that is possible. 


I will say that several months ago I added EMail Connect from which has a very sophisticated eMail merge.  One of the best attributes of that program is that you can schedyule what time of day the eMail merge will run. 


This is important for two reasons:

1.  It gives you a chance to see all the eMails merged in the draft folder before they go out.

2.  It sends the email at the time you want it to go.


Hope this helps. 


I am not associagted with CRM-Service in any way.


John Purdy
ACT! Premium V. 23 Update 4
HP ENVY 17m, 16GB, & Microsoft 365, 32bit, 500GB SSD.
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Re: Quicker Mail Merge

I am using ACT 2009.  What I need is a quicker way, if possible, then doing down the Write menu and going through the Wizard to get to 3 or 4 documents that I merge on a regular basis.  They can't be automated.  I have to say this account needs a demand letter and then, if possible, click a button to send.


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Re: Quicker Mail Merge

Yes you can do this by creating a custom command and adding it to the Write Menu.  Example you create the command that launches the template you want to use (not a normal exe, but a adt file type) then you place it onto the menu.  Now just bring up the contact record click on WRITE and select your custom command (which is really just a shortcut to the Act! Letter template you wanted).


Here is a knowledge base article on creating a custom command. Remember you are not really running a shortcut to a program like calc.exe , but your letter template like c:\letter templates\intro.adt.


Hope that helps,




Bud Rice

Pleasanton, CA