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Quick Attach Ribbon Icon

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Quick Attach Ribbon Icon

I am using ACT Pro V18, Outlook 2010, and Windows 7.

I am the administrator and have gone through the

After a fresh reinstall of Windows, Outlook, and ACT I don't see

The feature for Quick Attach Email to contact.

I've gone through the troubleshooting steps for integration history and

understanding how history is created.

The history tab shows date email was sent and the body of the message but

not the email itself.

I want to be able to delete the email from outlook but have it attached to the contact

to retrieve at a future date to print, forward, etc.


Attached is a screen shot of Ribbon when an email is open. 

Thanks for helping me understand how to correct this issue.


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Re: Quick Attach Ribbon Icon



Quick attach and other Act!  icons are not found when the email is open is normal behavior.

In the Inbox list, select/highlight the email(s), go to the Outlook Add-ins Ribbon and the Quick Attach will be the upper right icon.



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Re: Quick Attach Ribbon Icon

so when the 'Add Ins" tab is selected, there is not a quick attach icon.

Also, f remember from prior ACT versions after reading an open email it was

a simple click to add email to a contact.


Is there something else that has to be setup to use the feature of Quick Attach?



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Quick Attach Ribbon Icon

The Outlook 2010 Add-in Ribbon does not have the Quick Attach Icon in ACT Pro v18 with Windows 7

What has to be done to have it included without uninstalling and reinstalling Act


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Re: Quick Attach Ribbon Icon

Hi Ark210,


Sorry to hear you're having issues with the Outlook integration.


You've mentioned that the Quick Attach Icon is missing from Outlook, is this the only icon missing or are all the Act! Addin icons gone?


Usually you'll see your Act! Addins appear in a panel like this, on the Addins tab:




If they're all missing, the first thing I'd recommend is to run through the Email System Setup wizard in Act!

(Tools > Preferences > Email and Outlook Sync > Email System Setup)


Once you've done this, restart outlook and check to see if the icons have appeared.


If they're still missing at this point, have a quick look at the Knowledge Base article linked below. There are a few steps in there which might help bring them back.


KB 23022 - Act! icons missing from Microsoft Outlook toolbar


Hope this is helpful!