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Questions regarding upgrade from 6.0 to 2009

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Questions regarding upgrade from 6.0 to 2009

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We have ACT! 6 (2004) and I'm looking at acquiring ACT! 11.1 (2009) but have several concerns regarding:


Will the databases (including sub-groups) convert well to the new version?

Will the new version work with Winfax?

Will the old version templates (produced in MS Word 2003) convert for use in the new version and can we continue to use MS Word 2003 with the new version?

Will Firefox and Thunderbird integrate with the new version?

Are there other issues or incompatibilities created for us using the new version?


Thanks in advance for your assistance



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Re: Questions regarding upgrade from 6.0 to 2009

Success on conversion  to 11.1 will be largely determined by the state of the database in 6.0. ACT consultants are practised in getting an ACT! 6.0 database in good condition prior to conversion. If you have any problems in 6.0 then get them sorted out before conversion. Removing data you don't require is a big part of that. The more customised fields you have the more complex the conversion.

New version will work with Winfax but you need Winfax 10.03 plus another application Faxadmin from

Safest to assume that the templates will need recreating. Yes compatible with Outlook 2003, bring up to SP3.

Forget integrating with Thunderbird and Firefox.

ACT! 7.0 and beyond do not have any macro capability, other than that no issues I can think of.






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