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Questions re Act 2008

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Questions re Act 2008

Just upgraded to Act 10.0 08, long time ACT user, this is my 4th upgrade.  I'm on Windows XP.  A couple of issues I'm having that probably have very simple resolutons but I can't figure them out.


#1--Don't know what the heck I did, but I can't un-do it.  You know the task prompts that used to appear horizontally along the top of the screen....file, edit, view, group,lookup, company etc???  Well, all of a sudden, it's gone.  It now appears VERTICALLY along the far left hand side of the screen.  Very inconvenient and hard to see and work with--have to tilt head to read it.  I obviously touched some key I shouldn't have, but for the life of me can't figure out how to get them back as they were horizonally along top of page.  Can anybody help?


#2  The 'new update available' prompt comes on constantly.  But when I try to do the upgrade, it won't let me. I get an error message that something is missing and it won't let me proceed.  What gives?


If anyone can help, I'd certainly appreciate it.  Happy holidays to everyone!



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Re: Questions re Act 2008



Happy holidays


For the menu go to Tools, Customise and select Reset Menus and Toolbars should solve that one


For the Upgrade go to and then go to the updates section and download the any updates for your version as the latest for version 10 would be 10.03

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