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Questions about ACT! 2006 Reports

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Questions about ACT! 2006 Reports

Hello all,

first time asking questions on the forums, im pleased to see such an active community. This gives me hope that there are solutions out there!


Ok, here are my questions:


1. When i generate reports in ACT! 2006 the report shows gaps between company contacts. Some pages are even just half full. (hope im being clear)

another example:

page one: Full page looks good.

page two: few spaces between contacts apear

page three: half a page

page four: full page looks good again.


This is random and not just on preview itwill print this way. This occurs for all reports.


2. Is there a community site where you can share report templates? Since im working on my own and wouldnt mind sharing or looking at feed back i just havent found a community like that out there or if somoeone has developed a better way learning how to make it or just borrowing it if permited.


Thanks all!

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Re: Questions about ACT! 2006 Reports

1. The blank gapping shouldn't be present in all reports unless there is a problem in template design or report filtering. The main template that has problems with gapping is the History Summary report and is caused mainly by running the report for all contacts. Try pre filtering the report by using Lookup | Contact Activity to create a lookup of contact you actually want to report on and then run the report for the current lookup.


2. None that I know of. Unless report templates are written using only unmodified fields in the default table of the database, they can't be moved to other databases and used. Basically the report templates are specific to the database where they were created.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Questions about ACT! 2006 Reports

Thanks for the fast response! The filtering ect works. Ill just have to let me sales group know about the extra step but atleast we can compare totals easier.


With part 2 that was just a shot in the dark, i didnt fully realize that changing a form is only specific to a  particular database.


Again thanks for the help!