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Question regarding mail merge

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Question regarding mail merge

Hey all,


I'm pretty new to ACT and would appreciate any help or information you can give me.

I am currently exploring different areas as to how to get the most out of the software for our business. We primarily use it at the moment for just logging potential and exisiting client information and as a means to record our efforts on trying to get more work from them.


A large part of this effort goes into chasing existing opportunties which we currently do by phone, but it is becoming very ineffective on time. Consequently, I am looking at mail merging a certain group of contacts via Email for the less important companies to chase.




I created a new mail merge template and it all works perfectly fine except for one thing, which is what I was hoping someone could explain or help me with. Adding content to the mail merge document from the contact section is easy and works just fine, but I would also like to include, if possible, additional information from the opportunities section - ideally, the field "opportunity name". Without this, my mail merged e-mail wouldn't make much sense because they wouldn't know what i'm talking about.


However, such field doesn't exist within the mail merge options and most likely due to it's placement outside of contact details. I am wondering if there is someway to include this, or possibly another work around to achieve the same effect? I am also aware that even if this is possible, it would create the problem that, as many contacts can have many opportunity names, how would it know which opportunity to select, and I wonder how this would be achieved also.


Again, any help would be greatly appreciated! Smiley Happy



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