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Question about contact LIST and VIEWS

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Question about contact LIST and VIEWS

I want to be able to define a contact as one of three colors so that when i look at my prospects in the Lists or views I can easily see the difference.  I know I can put them in groups but i dont want to do that.



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Re: Question about contact LIST and VIEWS

Not in the product - there is an addon from Durkin Computing

that does exactly what you're looking for + way more.

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Re: Question about contact LIST and VIEWS

Hi Mark

The product mentioned Contact List Plus is one I've used for the past 4 or 5 years and many of my clients both here in the UK and the US also use it to great benefit

After 20 years of working with ACT, I've used lots of different addons, some good some bad but my experience of most Durkin Computing addons, has generally been very good

The additional products that also now come with the Impact Suite, especially Calendar View Plus, add significant value to the core ACT product

From my many ACT clients, one of the things they constantly ask me about is addons and my thoughts on the best ones and the worst so I wanted to give you this feedback to assure you that if you do buy the Impact Suite, it will be a wise investment indeed

Hope that helps Mark

All the best