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Question about alarms disappearing

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Question about alarms disappearing



First I must admit, we have an old version of ACT. I think it's version 6, so I don't know if anyone can help or not.


We use the alarms quite often, and my boss says sometimes they aren't showing up. What I think is happening is that she is away from her computer so long, that the popup has already disappeared by the time she gets back to her desk. Is that possible?


Or, if we all use the same login, does the alert disappear off her computer screen when I clear it on mine? (which seems odd to me, considering even though we have the same login we can do different tasks simultaneously).


Thanks for any help. In the meantime I'm going to conduct my own experiment. Smiley Wink


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Re: Question about alarms disappearing



If you have the same login and you clear the alarm then it will eventually disappear from the other machine when it does a refresh depending on what the setting is. You should have different login and then you are only working on your own activities

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