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Question - Using Multiple Databases

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Question - Using Multiple Databases

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I can't seem to figure out how to set up additional databases within my ACT.  I would also like to know how to transfer a contact from one database to another. 

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Re: Question - Using Multiple Databases

Good morning ChamberLL -


From your question i could take it two ways:


1 - How do you create multiple databases using the ACT program

   To make a duplicate either with our without date from your exisiting database go to File | Save Copy As and follow the prompts.

   To make a database that is not a copy, File | Close.  You will then be on the ACT opening screen (not to be confused with the "dashboard view of an existing database).  Click on New Database


2 - How do you keep us with multiple databases within a "Master" database. 

   Extensive and creative use of the ID/Status field is what I use. 

   I am a believer of only one database and then use database features to display the data elements I need at the time. 


I'm not sure if I addressed your quetion, but I hope it did provide some help.

John Purdy
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