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QSalesData connected to two QuickBooks files

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QSalesData connected to two QuickBooks files

Our client purchased an established business in May, they transferred vendors and customers into a new QuickBooks file on 6/1.


We are putting in Act! with QSalesdata (QSD), the client would like 20 years of sales history in Act!. QSalesData will do this, but we end up with duplicate client records, I don't believe there is a way to merge QuickBooks sales information from both QuickBooks files into Act without having duplicate client records.


So, I have a couple questions for the experiences of the masses:

1 - Is there a way to merge data from two QB files into one contact record

2 - What works well in this situation? For example, I am thinking we use QSD & old QuickBooks data file to build the contact database, then delete any customers who haven't bought anything in 5 years and set all ID/Status flags to Inactive, then link QSD to the new QB file and be on our way.


Side note: Our client went to lunch with one of St Louis' largest commercial contractors, when he came back, our client said the contractor abandoned Act! for SalesForce, ended up dropping SalesForce, now they are back with Act!. Happy story for Act! fans everywhere.

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Re: QSalesData connected to two QuickBooks files

QSales data works on 3 levels: Contact data, transactional data and historical/field data. Duplicate contacts is not the main issue. You should avoid most duplicates if you use QSales Data's link wizard properly. The bigger issue is that when you move to the new QB file I think you will lose the historical data when you synch Act to QuickBooks. That means you will only see the invoice and history payment based on the new file and not the old one, and that the 5 years of historical field info will be wiped out. What you might do is synch to the old file and then copy the yearly totals to a new Act field with a similar name (eg, STTotal_old) so that you will be able to see the "old" QB data in one field and the "new" data in another. 

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Re: QSalesData connected to two QuickBooks files

You don't find many customers needing historic sales data extending back 20 years to be directly displayable in Act!, they are the exception.


We have found the best approach is to ask the customer how important and to what detail is required for sales data beyond 5/6 years old. Frequently you will find that older sales data doesn't require displaying as monthly detail 20 years out, they may only require as little as the annualized sales data. That can be satisfied by just having a report from within Act! (querying QB directly, per customer as selected), for the monthly/annual totals for the older data.


The advantage in not having all historic sales data, in this case from year 6 to year 20, directly in Act! is that you aren't having to over burden Act! with creation of new fields to store the data, trying to find the layout space to accommodate it  and the inevitable creation of spill-over tables that are required to store the data. Once all those fields have been created in Act! you compromise reporting and search efficiency.   


Within our own integration for QuickBooks we provide for a few years of the key sales data breakdown on a per monthly display and the annual figures for 6 years. This is data stored in Act! fields as per QSalesdata, but beyond that we provide custom reporting within the accounting integration to pull older data  direct from QB to display in a report initiated from Act!. So you retain flexibility and don't tax the database schema unnecessarily just to get extended sales history data.       



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