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Purging History Record

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Purging History Record

Running Act Pro 2014 on Windows 7.


We are starting to get a lot of history records for our contacts - is there any benefit to purging these every so often?


Does the feature even exist to do so?



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Re: Purging History Record

The potential "benefit(s)":

  • smaller database size
  • potentially better response when selecting the history tab and screens that include history
  • reports that include history will run more quickly...

Basically, like anything in a database, the fewer records to handle, all other things being equal, the faster the data returns.


You need to compare any preceived system "slugishness" with the value of the data you are considering deleting...


Yes, you can purge history (backup your database first!) from the Tools menu, Database maintenance, Remove Old Data.


If you are not seeing any "lag" in your ACT! system as related to history, I would suggest erring on the side of conservative and leave it alone.


A non-destructive way of helping keep your system running at top speed is also on the Database Maintance menu:  Check and Repair.  Re-indexing can help - especially if you have created/imported a bunch of records since the last re-index.