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Properly Merging Imported Contact Records with Existing Contacts

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Properly Merging Imported Contact Records with Existing Contacts

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 I want to manage my customer list in Act! (latest version). Let's assume I do the following actions.


1) I import my customer list (.csv) into ACT! for the first time.

2) I set up the Duplicate checker to match on the customer ID field

3) I add some notes and other information that is never in the .csv file import


Later, I will want to import the .csv file again, to add records for new customers.


If I set my "Merge" option as:


Replace with the newest contact - Populates all fields with the newest data from either record does ACT! determine what is the "newest" data? Let's say a customer's mailing address is updated in the data I'm importing. I assume that the address in ACT! will be updated to match the incoming record.


What I am looking for: I want to import the initial records. I want future imports of the updated .csv data to update ACT! with anything that is different in the IMPORTED fields. I don't want any new fields (not in the .csv import) I've added to records, or notes and histories I've added to records, to be overwritten. Just want to make sure I can do this.



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Re: Properly Merging Imported Contact Records with Existing Contacts

ACT determines the newest record by the latest Edit Date, so it would be whichever record was last saved.  Best practice is to make sure you save the souce document right before importing so ensure that those records have the lastest edit date.  The import will then overwrite the older data in the field with the most recently saved data.  When you are setting up duplicate checking, it is best to make sure at least one of the fields is the Contact field.

Greig Hollister

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