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Prompted to sign into swiftpage again every time Act! is relaunched.

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Prompted to sign into swiftpage again every time Act! is relaunched.

Hi Everyone, I am cross posting this from the E-Marketing page, hoping to get a little more visibility on it.


I am having some real difficulty with isolating and resolving this issue.


One of our Clients uses Swiftpage with Act, the behaviour I am seeing is as follows:


We open Act! and click on the swiftpage icon

There is a prompt to sign in, which we fill in, and then Swiftpage works as normal.

If we close Act!, and Re-open it, and then click the Swiftpage icon once more, we have to sign in again.


My Client is using Sage Act! Pro 2011 Version Hotfix 1

Act Diag

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Service Pack 1


So Far I have tried Deleting the Preference fies out of %AppData%\Act\Act Data (Preferences folder and Bak files)


I have also tried following KBase Article 27870


But when I try to reset the Swiftpage preferences as per the Article, I get presented with the following error message:




I am not sure what the SMO Lite API is, all I could find was this website:


Any Assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards


Jared Dalrymple

Jared Dalrymple | Technical Consultant | P:+61 7 3423 3551 | Evolution Marketing Services

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Re: Prompted to sign into swiftpage again every time Act! is relaunched.

[ Edited ]

I'd also note that the response from Swiftpage support left a little to be desired.

From: Customer Care [ -email removed- ]
Sent: Friday, 15 November 2013 11:38 AM
To:Jared Dalrymple


Hello Jared,

Thank you for contacting us.

Our online resources at can be used to search for these types of errors. If you need additional help please call into our Act! support number at -phone number removed-.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.



The template they've replied with here just feels like a brush off which I could reword as "I don't care, go look in the KB".


The email Jared sent had a screen shot, it described what he has done. To get a templated brush off is disappointing.


-updated to add what I would have preferred to see as a response-

I appreciate when people with problems offer a solution, thusly, I'll offer some solutions as well.


  • If he had offered specific KB, it takes whole iteration out of the support loop.
  • If he had said "don't know, let me ask around", that's awesome, it's honest, transparent, can't complain - so long as he does follow up.
  • If he had said "can't see any thing in the KB about this, I'd suggest you post something in the forum to see if any oneelse has seen it", that' be awesome.

I guess that's why I'm posting here. I want to see this improve. Love the product, want to love the rest of the package.