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Project manager

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Project manager

I have been wondering how is the best way to incorporate projects into ACT. I don't want to use the opportunities tab for a few reasons and have been having a hard time thinking far enough outside the box to overcome this. Essentially I want to be able to sort out my projects from everything else in ACT. Then on individual projects I need to be able to see who all is involved with them, what stage the project is in, when the project was started, an estimated completion date. If anyone has figured out how to tackle a similar situation please point me in the right direction. Also has anyone tried using projectkickstart in conjunction with Act?

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Re: Project manager

Hello Chlomo - out of the box, the current version of ACT doesn't give you the option for projects and opportunities separately.


However, I might suggest that you modify your Opportunities screen by possibly adding a field, either a yes/no or text field but in either case make it mandatory and do not accept a blank field.  I'm thinking a yes/no that would distinguish between an opportunity and a project.


Then take advantage of advanced look-up and display all projects (or opportunities) that meet the specific condition and save it for repetative use..


Regarding what stage the project is in, you might also need another field that would be used for projects vs. the existing stage for sales.


A few extra steps but that would achieve what you need.


I'm sure there is an add-in that somone will mention, but like you, I try to make what is available work for me.


Now if I could only use 64bit OUtlook, but that is a subject for another post.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Project manager

As you described what you want to do, you would need the projects as a primary entity. The ACT! program provides four primary entities (Contact, Group, Company and Opportunely) and doesn't allow the defining of an additional primary entity. Actually I don't trying to fit projects into opportunities would be a good choice, My choice would be to use groups. Other than the ability to define a group of contacts, the groups can be defined in almost anyway you want. Depending on how complex the projects are, you might also benefit from adding a custom table to the groups. The ACT! program does support having custom sub-entities (tables) but they do require a third party plugin to provide the user interface to define and manage the custom tables.

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