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Products/opportunities - automatic calculations?

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Products/opportunities - automatic calculations?



I'm currently experimenting with various features in ACT! 2010, and at the moment I'm looking at creating opportunities and using product lists within ACT!.


I've created some products and can set up opportunities with those products just fine, but the reason we're looking at CRMs is because we want to automate as much as possible.  Therefore, I was expecting that the 'cost' field for a product would automatically be deducted from the 'price' field in order to calculate the Subtotal.  I was also hoping, seeing as we mail out all our products, to be able to add a custom 'delivery charge' field which would also deduct itself from the 'price' field.


This is pretty basic functionality in my view as even Excel can be set up to do it in a few seconds, so I'm thinking I must be missing something simple here, but I can't find any help in previous topics here, in the ACT! help topics or in 'ACT! for Dummies'.


Any help regarding this issue would be much appreciated,


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Re: Products/opportunities - automatic calculations?

It sounds like you are wanting the ACT! opportunities to do profit analysis. The ACT! opportunities are used to record sales with the capacity to include product costs and discounts as part of the recording. To do profit analysis of the opportunities you would want to use a report. Such a report is not one of the standard reports but could be fairly easily created.
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Re: Products/opportunities - automatic calculations?

Hi, I´m also experimenting with the product fields and I have an Issue trying to add or subtract values from a new field (created by me) from the Subtotal field and therefore make an automated quote from ACT!. Does anyone know, if there´s any way to make the "Subtotal" field to consider my new field?


I would really appreciate any kind of help,

Enrique S.

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Re: Products/opportunities - automatic calculations?

In some of the ACT Templates, if you are using a MSword editor, you can make the cells have certain attributes that add/multiply/divide/subtract. By default i think the Update Field shortcut is F9, i know thats what ours use.


If you are not using a template from Act that you have modified, or you are using the Act word processor, i dont know how much this information will help.


Some more info here -