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Processes still running when ACT2006 is closed.

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Processes still running when ACT2006 is closed.

I am having all kinds of problems with ACT2006.  I use it with Outlook and encrypt my files with PGP.  When I open my PGP encryped file, it opens the expanded files (including the ACT database) in a virtual drive which can change.  It appears ACT 2006 cannot handle it when the location of the file changes, even if I give it the new path.  Then, when I close ACT, it still leaves a process(es) running somewhere because, when I try to close and reencrypt the file, it tells me I can't because something else is using it even though I have closed all my applications.  This only happens when I have opened ACT. 


What processes continue to run after ACT is closed?  Can I stop them without problem?  How can I change the location of the database without having to uninstall and reinstall ACT?

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Re: Processes still running when ACT2006 is closed.

The database is what's being used.  The reason being is that its attached to SQL.  Before you encrypt the files again, you can either stop the SQL service or detach the database.  If you go the route of stopping SQL, you will need to start it before opening ACT!.


Stop SQL:

- Go to Start > Run > type services.msc and click Ok.

- Locate MSSQL$ACT7 and click to highlight

- Right click and select stop.

- Encrypt the files.


Detach Database:

- Go to Start > Run > type act8diag and click Ok.

- Select Database > Database List

- Locate the name of your database and click to hightlight.

- Right click it and select detach datababase.

- Encrypt the files.