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Problems with recording history

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Problems with recording history

My company has recently started using ACT and had the basic training, however during configuration we may have changed some settings which have effected the history.

As an administrator when I changed a contact details it came up in the history, also e-mails sent also were recorded. I added a new contact and this does not show in the history either


Anyone know this problem

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Re: Problems with recording history

ianmcmillan : To generate history and track changes made to a field's value in History, do the following: In Contact Detail click on Tools > Define Fields to go into the Define Fields pop up.  Ensure you are View Fields for Contact then highlight any field name, for example Contact.  Then under Field Tasks in the left margin of the pop up, click Edit Field; then put a check in the box to Generate History - Track Changes Made to a Field's Value if you want to track changes make to the Contact field. Click Finish to save new setting, and Close to exit screen.  Same procedure applies to City, State, Department, etc. 


To generate/track E-mail history go to Tools > Preferences and click on the E-mail tab. At bottom of pop up click on E-mail System Setup... to go into the e-mail system Wizard where you can extablish e-mail history rules.


Hope this helps.