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Problems with duplicate tasks and dates in google sync history

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Problems with duplicate tasks and dates in google sync history

I'm using Act! Premium Version, Update 6. 


I ran into a problem a couple of weeks ago that resulted in multiple copies of a recurring activity (a birthday reminder) being created.    The issue multiplied, and before long I had thousands of additional tasks.  I talked to ACT support on two occasions.  The first time the support person deleted the tasks and and then did some clean up - checking the database for one thing.  The problem came back soon after I got off the phone and I then went through the same steps again.  But the problem came back again.  The second support person used a slightly different process for deleting - making sure that each duplicate was set to not recur rather than the end date of 2073, and then deleting the approximately 20 duplicate tasks that remained. He also disconnected the database and reconnected it.


I'm not sure that the second fix worked any better than the first, because shortly after the support call I became curious about whether Google syncing was part of the issue.  I discovered a few duplicates that came from Google Calendar and took care of them there.  I also turned off - hopefully temporarily.  BUT, I looked at the Google sync history and found a problem that I don't know how to fix.


There are three tabs in the Google Sync History window. 


The Contact_Activity Tab has dates from 5/2/2018 to 7/1/2018 - which appears to be when I switched off syncing.  The dates can be adjusted by clicking on << or >> or by entering values in the date field.


The other two windows (Contacts and Activities)  both have the dates 1//0001 for start and end.  The dates can't be adjusted by clicking << or >> or be entering values (values can be entered but they don't stick).


I haven't talked to ACT again yet.  Is this a real problem? Is it something that would get cleared up if I set up Google Integration again?  is there a solution?  I hope someone on the forum has some ideas, because my last couple of contacts with ACT support were frustrating.





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Re: Problems with duplicate tasks and dates in google sync history

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this happens when...   company or office shared its Google calendar between users and additionally after synchronizing Act! with the Google calendar ... they synchronized the Google calendar with mobile devices.

I suggest not sharing the calendar among Google Corporate users and also making a single synchronization between the Act! Database. and the Calendar, without other devices or services, since for Act! the activities and contacts will multiply exponentially (if you also use contact synchronization)


I used Act PRO before! , but as I needed to consult my activities and contacts via web from my tablet or mobile, then I preferred to pass my database Act! to the Swiftpage server Act! Premium Web (CLOUD), the cost is very efficient per user per month and so I have my database anywhere without synchronizing with any other service.


When I need better performance to enter information from my contacts, I use a remote database that I synchronize over the internet with the Act! Premium Cloud Server, so I keep the information updated and when I'm out of the office I can efficiently consult the Information of Contacts and Calendar by  the WEB browser of my iPad or iPhone (Also Android devices that are cheaper)


Best regards,