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Problems with CSV Import - Missing rows

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Problems with CSV Import - Missing rows



I've been using the trial version of ACT! 2010 (version 12.0.409.0 to be exact) but I'm having some problems importing data from a .csv file.


The file has over 14,000 entries (or rows if you prefer) and roughly 38 fields for each, though in Sage I'm only bringing across 20 or so of those fields for each entry.  I'm importing each entry as a contact.


The problem I'm having is, although the file I'm importing has over 14,000 entries, Sage is only picking up 215 of them; and this is in the import wizard itself, not just after the import.  I thought this might be a limitation of the trial version, but I've not been able to find any evidence that this is the case.


Any help regarding this issue would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,