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Problems with Backing-Up Database - Act! Premium Version

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Problems with Backing-Up Database - Act! Premium Version

I attempted to back-up my databae today, went to FILE>BACKUP>DATABASE choose a destination to back-up the database to, kept the "include attachments" box checked, hit OK and I receive the following error...




I cannot even begin to have an idea on what that means...programs don't think about end users in most applications in this is the perfect do I back-up my database? It's kind of a big deal since my database dates back to the beginning of ACT! I have almost 20 years of info in my database. I've tried to do the back up without attachments and results are the same.

Any and all help is much appreciated!

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Re: Problems with Backing-Up Database - Act! Premium Version

Hi cparker407,


I cannot overstate how valuable the Swiftpage Knowledge base is in these sorts of situations.

you can access it at


The vast majority of error messages you will encounter when using Act! are documented there with potential solutions.  And they are easy to find, this was my search string:  "cannot insert duplicate key sys.syscommittab backing up"


and the first result was this article:


I would definitely encourage you to use the KBase as your first port of call, but if you don't have any luck there, come share your woes with us in the Community forums, list what you have tried, and we can hopefully provide something useful.


Hope you found this helpful.



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Re: Problems with Backing-Up Database - Act! Premium Version

This should help? 


But be sure that you do have some sort of sync process going on while attempting to do your backups.

If you have some sort of automatic backup software running, then your act backup process may fail?

Perhaps stop your act scheduler? - cheers - FSB

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