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Problems with ACT 2008

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Problems with ACT 2008

I truly hope that before someone marches out to buy software and purchases one of the new versions of ACT, that they read this board for comments from users.


For more than several years, I've used an older version of ACT.  Absolutely terrific. Could not recommend it more highly.


About six months ago, got a new computer and husband insisted that I upgrade several programs, including ACT.  Now have ACT 2008.  In a word:  NIGHTMARE.


It is slow and cumbersome.  I always have the feeling that the whole program is just going to shut down and not start again


The only thing I do with ACT is keep a small (less than 5,000 names) database: name,  title, company,  phone, address, email, and notes. .


I've always used the notes section, and find this version utterly frustrating, because it is so slow, and so many extra steps are needed to use it -- whether it's putting in a note, or copying something from the note section.


Looking for names takes for longer, because of the extra machinations the systems uses.


It's over sixty days, can't return this.  It's back to the old version until I decide which system -- other than something from Sage -- that I'll be using.




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Re: Problems with ACT 2008

You should provide some system information. What your problem sounds like is either limited RAM or a slower hard drive or both.
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