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Problems re-scheduling activities in ACT 2007

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Problems re-scheduling activities in ACT 2007

I have been having problems for a while with rescheduling activities in ACT 2007.  When I am under the Monthly view and reviewing activities, I often will reschedule activities by right clicking on the contact, selecting re-schedule activity.  At that point schedule activity box pops up.  I can select a date from the start date drop down.  This is where a couple of problems can occur.  First, if I am doing several contacts, and want to move them to a different day, I have to move the 1st one to that date, then move all the others to a different date first, then to the date that I ultimately want them to be at.  Bascically, after I move the first activity, it blocks out that date for multiple moves???
The second problem has to do with selecting dates and ACT not allowing me to move them.  For example, I will right click on a contact in the monthly view, and try to move him, but ACT will create an activity with a time associated with it. I will click on a Start Date, lets say the 9th, then ACT will make the start date the 8th and make the activity 1 day and 2 hours long???  I have not been able to find any rhyme or reason as to why, but it makes it very time consuming to move activities....
Any thoughts or suggestions would be great...
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Re: Problems re-scheduling activities in ACT 2007

The first one is a known issue with rescheduling more than one timeless activities - you can't select the same date as the previous activity (you could move every 2nd activity to the right date). If the activities have a time it should work ok.
Left-click to drag. Right-click to bring up the menu and select reschedule, or if not on an activity to create a new one