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Problems importing data from CSV

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Problems importing data from CSV

I have Act 2009 standard.  I import data from forms I get in emails into a database I use to send emails from.  I export the data from Outlook, save to Excel.  I then get rid of all of the spaces and have 2 columns.  One is sequentially numbered and is the contact column.  The other is the email addresses.  I have done this for years without problem until tonight.  The wizard goes thorough the import process but no records are imported.  I checked to make sure sequel server act 7 and sequel server browser were running in msconfig.  I did a check and repair of the database but no go.  Any ideas?

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Re: Problems importing data from CSV

Try rebooting your PC and try again.  Somtimes things 'get hung' and even though you see no errors from Windows or Act!, behind the scenes something has stopped working - a reboot resets everything.


If that doesn't work, than I would try doing an import on the demo database with the file that was not working with your 'real' database.  If it works, than, you know that there is some kind of issue with the database file and not the Act! system as a whole.


If it doesn't import into the demo database, than it is either something broken in Act! application or the file you are importing is bad formatted in some way.  Attempt to import an older import file that you know was successful previously - again - we are talking about importing into the demo database.  If that import, than again, it is not likely that the issue is with the Act! application as much as something is either up with your import source file or the database you are trying to import into...


If you still come up empty, see if you can find something in the Act! support Knowledge Base at