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Problems Restoring

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Problems Restoring

I have Act 2005.  It was installed on one computer and needs to have the database restored to another computer.  both computers are different names


I managed to get all the database files off of the old computer. For some reason, the backup was not working and would not zip the files.


I am trying to open the database on another computer.  How can I go about getting it to open on another computer.  When I try, it says could not find database.



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Re: Problems Restoring

Since you said the backup was not working, I'm going to assume that you physically copied the database over to the other computer. An ACT! database has 4 files: .ADF, .ALF, .PAD and "database files" folder. When you copy over a database, you include all files except the .PAD file. If you are trying to open the database with the old .PAD file, then you will get an access error. Here is how to correct:

- Delete the old .PAD file associated with the database

- From your Windows Start menu, choose "Run" and type in act7diag

- When ACT! Diagnostics opens, click Database List under Databases

- When the list comes up, see if your database is on the list.

- If it is, then highlight it, right-click on it, and select Detach Database. This will make it disappear from the list.

- Close ACT! Diagnostics

- Open ACT! and go to File/Open Database

- In the "Open Database" dialog box, change the value in the "File of Type" dropdown from ".PAD" to ".ADF"

- Browse to the location of your database and double-click the .ADF file...will be called (database name).ADF (ie, mydatabase.adf)

- You should get a message that ACT! will now verify the OK. This will reattach the database to SQL and create an updated .PAD file


Greig Hollister

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