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Problems Importing Outlook Contacts - ACT 2009

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Problems Importing Outlook Contacts - ACT 2009

I'm running into a number of problems when importing Contacts from Outlook.


1.  If I specify 'Confirm Each Match', I can't cancel the import.  The cancel button is visible if I move the window with the contact informatiion presented to Skip, Continue, etc, but I can't click cancel, and as soon as I click Continue or Skip the window covers up the Cancel button.  THe only way I was able to stop the import was by using the Task Manager to terminate the application.


2.  I can't specify a different Outlook contact list, but have to use the default.  I'd done some work previously with a copy of the contact list that was ready to import, but it isn't any use to me.


3.  I can't use a field in the Outlook contacts to select import or not.  


The clunky way around these issues is to create a new ACT database, import all the Outlook contacts to it, eliminate all the ones I don't want, go back to the main database, and import from there.  Or to use a different type of file to import - but doing the clean up outside ACT.  I suppose I could use the Create Date field to do some manipulation on newly imported contacts, but that looks like it would be difficult because of the merge settings.




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Re: Problems Importing Outlook Contacts - ACT 2009



Have you considered Exporting your contact information from Outlook as a *.txt file and then importing?  It may be faster, and you will have control over what files are exported and imported.