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Problems Customizing an Envelope Template

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Problems Customizing an Envelope Template

I am a new Act user. I was able to map and import my database from another system (Top Producer).  I was able to create custom fields to accommodate the data. I was also able to create a letter template to correspond with the data, which is as follows: 



<Spouse First Name> <Spouse Last Name>

<House Number> <Street Name> <Street Designator> <Direction Suffix>

<Suite Number>

<City>, <Province> <Postal Code>


This works well because if there is no spouse, or no suite number, those fields collapse and there are no spaces. However, setting up an envelope template is a different story. I have tried to follow the info from the Help menu as best I can. ("Removing blank spaces from envelope and label fields")


I inserted the necessary fields, then made them invisible by reducing their height and switching the 'visible' from True to False. I then used the System Field to create custom boxes to populate the data with no gaps.


Having followed the printed instructions as best I could without success, I contacted Act support and I was told that there is no support for customization?!


Here is what my custom envelope fields look like:


SpouseFirstName1&" "&SpouseLastName1

HouseNumber1&" "&StreetName1&" "&StreetDesignator1&" "&DirectionSuffix1


City1&" "&Province1&" "&PostalCode1


The spouse and suite number lines will populate but remain blank spaces that don't collapse if they do not contain info. The street number line won't populate but the city line does.


Also, in the Edit menu, under 'define sections' I have ticked the box that says 'collapse if blank'.


I have now hit the wall and will have to abandon Act if I cannot print envelopes. Any ideas?

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Re: Problems Customizing an Envelope Template

There isn't any direct way to set a property for a custom field to Can Shrink. Without that property set for the custom field, the space for the field will be present whether there is data to fill the field. Just setting the fields being reported in the custom field to can shrink will not cause the custom field to shrink. For something like an envelope, I've been able to manipulate the actual template code to allow a custom field to shrink.
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Re: Problems Customizing an Envelope Template

Here is the script I wrote to make the address line 2 appear only when there is data.

The rest of the script was already there to format the name and city, state, zip line.


Right click on your label templete a little to left of any field.

Click on "Edit report script"


Neil Manning

InfiniMed, Inc.

9 Bartlet St.  Ste 351

Andover, MA  10810

(671) 571-4507




Custom2.Text = ""
Custom3.Text = ""

If City1 = NULL THEN
    Custom1.Text =City1&" "&State1&" "&ZIPCode1
    Custom1.Text =City1&", "&State1&" "&ZIPCode1

If Address2 = NULL THEN


'contact script
If NamePrefix1 = Null Then
    Custom2.Text = NamePrefix1

If FirstName1 = Null Then
    Custom2.Text = Custom2.Text&" "&FirstName1

If LastName1 = Null Then
    Custom2.Text = Custom2.Text&" "&LastName1

If NameSuffix1 = Null Then
    Custom2.Text = Custom2.Text&" "&NameSuffix1