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Problem with backup & restore

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Problem with backup & restore

I am trying to move the Act database (2006 premium) & files to a different server.  I know that I am supposed to do the backup within Act, and do the restore as option from the new server.  The act database is over 300Mb & there is another 6gb or so in the database files directory.  When I do the Act backup, it creates a Zip file of only 22Mb.  I've tried this from 2 different computers.  It takes a good hour to an hour & a half doing the backup.  I can see it creating a temp file during the process.  But when it's finished, that is all I get.  Of course the restore fails from the new server.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?





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Re: Problem with backup & restore

Given that you say there are over 6Gb of additional files you could also try to detach the database from within ACTDIAG and then copy the database to the new server and then open the .adf file to reattach to the new SQL instance


Run ACT diag from START, Run and type in ACTDAIG

You could also at the command prompt run the command NET STOP MSSQL$ACT7 and this should allow you to copy the database.


Once you know you have it up and running on the new server then you could delete it from the old server

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Re: Problem with backup & restore

As Paul said, moving it manually is the only option - ACT! 2006 had a problem with backups of over 4GB


You'll also need to set up a process of backing up for future use. One such option is this...


Create an ACTBackup.bat file in Notepad as follows:

REM - Change the SET Paramaters as appropriate for your system
SET ACTSourceFolder="C:\Act\Database"
SET ACTDestinationFolder="D:\Backups\Act\Database"
SET XcopyOptions=/M /E /C /H /O /Y /I
REM - Stop ACT Service
REM - Perform copy
XCOPY %ACTSourceFolder% %ACTDestinationFolder% %XcopyOptions%
REM - Restart ACT Service

With the SQL engine stopped, you can use anything to copy/backup the database and supplemental files. You could replace the XCOPY with a command line ZIP or other back-up utility.

Then run the BAT file from the Windows scheduler

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Re: Problem with backup & restore

Thanks for the replies.  I finally got it working, but not without a lot of headache.


Thanks for the help, as well as the backup advise.