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Problem with ACT-Outlook sync for meetings only

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Problem with ACT-Outlook sync for meetings only

When trying to sync the calendar between ACT! Pro 2011 and Oulook 2010, I can sync appointments, calls, vacations - everything except meetings.  The problem is I use ACT as my main calendar and nearly everything I do is set up as a meeting, and I need it to sync with Outlook so my wife can see my calendar for daycare scheduling, etc.


It used to work just fine and suddenly stopped.  I've reduced the timeframe to 1 day in the past and 14 days in the future, that helped for a while but now can't even get that to work.  It connects to ACT!, gets activites from there, connects to Outlook, gets activities from there and then hangs at the 'Synchronizing Activities' point.


Nothing changed that I know of from the time when it worked.  Any ideas how to get back in sync?