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Problem upgrading from ACT 6.03 to Act 2010

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Problem upgrading from ACT 6.03 to Act 2010

My old computer running Act 6.03 crashed, and I bought Act 2010. I have been unable to convert my old database. My new computer runs Windows 7 OS. I tried to use a friend's computer running Windows XP, and I downloaded the Act 6  - 30 day free trial. My attempt to convert the database was unsuccessful.


In my attempt to convert my database, the computer said "No DDF file found," and I received a "CRITICAL ERROR #53" That was several months ago, and the trial version has expired. 


Can anyone provide any guidance?


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Re: Problem upgrading from ACT 6.03 to Act 2010

The error you are getting is because you do not have all of the files to make up an ACT 6 database. What do you have? Is it a backup or just a copy of some files?


Do you still have access to the old drive?


I have a couple of clients using Windows 7 and ACT! 6 but it can be tricky to configure. If you wish to discuss further maybe send me an offline message.

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