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Problem Creating New E-mail Template

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Problem Creating New E-mail Template

Using ACT! Pro 2012 and Word 2010 as my word processor and having problems creating/saving new templates.

I should note that I have the required ACT! Add-Ins in Word and able to insert Merge Fields.

The problem occurs when I try to save the template as the .adt file. Here's the steps I've done:


1. In ACT! I go to "Write" and "New Letter/E-mail Template"

2. Word 2010 opens in a new window and the "add mail merge fields" pops up so I select "first name" (for example)

3. I type in my letter and for simplicity, I'm not inserting any photos, just text

4. I click save in Word and the "Save As" box pops up and it saves in the default "Templates" folder as an .adt file.

5. So far everything seems fine, it saves and the "Save As" box closes.

But then when I go to close Word, it asks me if I want save the file, in this case "document" and I say yes.

It keeps asking me to save it and never closes, just a recurring cycle. To get out of it, I finally have to say "Don't Save".


This is really frustrating since the result is the document doesn't end up saving or is shown in the templates list, but with 0 kb and is blank when opened or merged.


Does anyone know what may be causing this? Going a step further, is there an easy way to save Word docs as .adt files, without copying and pasting the text (which doesn't seem to work)?