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Private Contacts Remote Databases

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Private Contacts Remote Databases

ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 4
English (United Kingdom)


  • We use ACT via remote databases on laptops.
  • "Joe's" laptop always crashing, has various hardware issues and will soon be on the scrapheap.  Joe has a lot of contacts marked private.
  • We have a spare lap top with ACT which belonged to "Sam" who has now left.
  • We tried logging on Sam's ACT with Joe's log in name and password; could access the database, but could not see Joe's private contacts.
  • What do I need to do so Joe can use this spare laptop and ACT

I know I will have to reconfigure his Outlook etc.


Many thanks in advance


Linda Bond

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Re: Private Contacts Remote Databases

If Joes laptop is still available, you can use the following article to 'move' his remote database to the spare laptop.  This will prevent you from having to update Sam's old remote.  Article: KB Article 19817

Greg Martin
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Re: Private Contacts Remote Databases

Just a thought ... are you syncing all users and contacts to both?
Is Joe an Admin user?

If not syncing all, Joes Private contacts might not be there... but, if he's an Admin he would still be able to login

Have a look at subscription List and Sync Set in the two remotes to be sure your syncing all data - if that's what you want