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Printing Labels

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Printing Labels

I have read information about editing templates and creating new templates, but am unable to figure out how to get my labels to work correctly.  There isn't an option for the Avery 5163 label and creating my own template didn't solve the issue.  We have pre-printed labels with a border on them, so I need the mailing address to fit in a specific section.  When I print the labels, they only print 8 to a page, instead of 10 to a page which is one issue.  Also, when I try to adjust the names so that they all fit in the alotted space, some go too high and some go too low.  I have adjusted font size and tried to moved the boxes accordingly, but when I move them up or down, the top labels are too high, the bottom labels are too low and the ones in the middle are perfect.  Grrrrrr!!  I don't know what else to do.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Printing Labels

You problem is being caused by not having the size, margins and spacing exactly correct for 5163 label.


For what it's worth, my label package includes a working Avery 5163 template. 

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