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Printing Activity List without recurring tasks

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Printing Activity List without recurring tasks

Our office holds meetings where we print the Activity List for all users through the remainder of the year to go over what tasks are pending and which are completed and can be removed.  However, we are having trouble with recurring activities.  We have another meeting which occurs three times a week and it is scheduled for each office member.  So, when we print the Activity List, this meeting shows up hundreds of times for each person for each day the meeting recurs. 


Is there anyway to stop this from happening so ONLY the most current meeting shows up. Or even, to eliminate this one task from showing up on the Activity List at all but not deleting it from the calendar

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Re: Printing Activity List without recurring tasks

This may be possible through a report.  Send Roy Laudenslager a private message.  If it is possible, he would be the one to know.