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Preparing the database

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Preparing the database

Hello all - a brand new ACT user here. 
My company is starting to use ACT and we have ACT pro 2011 for seven users.  I've been given the task of figuring out the nuts and bolts of it and getting everyone upto speed.  Before we got hold of this I'd never used such software before.  Upto now the company has used an Outlook exchange server for all it's contacts and we've built an ACT database by importing from Outlook.

I'm responsible for getting the database into a usable condition and am starting to worry about the amount of time needed.  What I need is probably quite basic help and if it's a simple case of pointing me to a wiki or online manual, I'll be quite happy to have a look.

An advantage over Outlook that we're quite excited about is the ability to use the company list to manage all activities and correspondance at the company level.  When the Outlook database was imported I found that the companies list in ACT was empty and it appears that every company needs to be entered and each contact linked manualy.
Is there really no faster way to do this?  I'm hoping for a way to populate the companies list automaticaly from the campany field in the contact list but so far have been unable to find a way.




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Re: Preparing the database

There's a link to an add-on product called Company Wizard from:

You'll save yourself a lot of time if you get an ACT! Consultant to help you get started with the basics.
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Re: Preparing the database

Hello Edengreg,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


You'll also want to visit the Act! Knowledgebase, it contains article for both issues and usage of the program: ACT! Knowledgebase.


Greg Martin