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Prefilling field data

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Prefilling field data

We are using act 2010, and have it customized with a bunch of add-on's such as Qsales Data, quotewerks and exponencial fields (hence the reason for not keeping Act up to date).

I need to add a new field that is a mandatory fill field FOR NEW CUSTOMERS, but we have 10,000 existing names in the database and I don't want the users to be prompted to fill the field every time the telephone pops an existing user on the screen. 


My thought would be to add the new field and then SOMEHOW, fill that field with a piece of trash data or a character so the user does not have the fill the field for the existing names in the database.


Can anyone suggest how to prefill data into a field for a bunch of existing customers? I have a feeling I did it in the past with OakMerge or something similar.

I am worried if I do an export - then re-import the whole database - something could get corrupted.


Thanks for any suggestions



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Re: Prefilling field data

The simplest thing to do would be to use the Replace Field function (Edit/Replace Field) to populate that field for all your existing records.