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Preference Settings Are Not Retained After Restarting Your Computer

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Preference Settings Are Not Retained After Restarting Your Computer

I did not have any luck storing my ACT preferences and have rerun the 'Getting Started' wizard every time ACT 10 opened.  The Sage knowledge base article (KB 14192) did not solve my trouble.


I solved this issue for ACT 10.0.3 as follows on a Vista Home Pro system:  The same problem existed for versions 10.0.1 and 10.0.2.  Sage's assertion that version 10.0.2 fixed the problem is not correct.

1.  ACT was shut down.

2.  Navigated to 'c:\users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\ACT\ACT for Windows 10\Preferences' with user customization and preference info.

3.  A key file there was 'USpreferences206.XML.old' with an older modification date.  It also contained several hundred older text files with names like 'USpreferences206.xmlbad<14 digits>.txt'.  I cut/pasted all those files to another folder, saving them in case of trouble.  I suspect that the first two letters will differ for users in other countries.

4.  ACT was then reopened and I went through another 'Getting Started' wizard sequence.

5.  My customizations were saved.

6.  I have now made customizations in the ACT Tools/Preferences folder that a) modify the type font, b) alter the calendar, c) invoke MS Word, and d) automatically invoke the ACT contact database.

7.  This was tested in two ways, first by reopening ACT! in the same windows session, and secondly by completely closing down the computer and restarting it.

8.  All customizations work the way I want.

9.  I had also modified the standard ACT! screen.  Those changes were saved by copying the 'ConnectedBars258' file to the same temporary holding area and copying it back after ACT was reopened.  Refer to steps #3 and #4.


I cannot test this approach further.  But it does work on a Vista Home Pro, sp. 1 system with ACT!, version 10.0.3.


I know this issue bothers other ACT! users.  Hopefully this procedure will help you out.

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Re: Preference Settings Are Not Retained After Restarting Your Computer

Thanks mrmap.  I'm sure these steps will be useful to other users.