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Populate Empty Field?

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Populate Empty Field?

I have a group of 285 contacts selected and want to put the same simple text value in a user empty field.  How do I do that?  Each field should just have the word 'Yes" in it.

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Re: Populate Empty Field?

Any chance you could help with the same type problem related to a specific field after an accounts transfer?  We recently transfered copies of 200 accounts from our active database to an archive database (both within Sage).  The field marked "date assigned" transferred over as blank for years 2008 and 2013.  Any suggestions?


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Re: Populate Empty Field?

Good morning


My first inclination is to ask why put it in a seperate database.  That takes away from history review andresearch.


My suggestion is to add an ID/Status called archive.


Good luck.

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