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Please help, urgent ACT! issue!

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Please help, urgent ACT! issue!

Ok, here's my situation.  I currently use ACT! 2007 and did a brief upgrade yesterday.  But that's not my issue. 
At my work, we have several databases full of contacts and whatnot that we have placed on a shared network drive for all to use.  The other day, our operations manager was tinkering around with the drive and screwed something up. 
Now, whenever I go to the folder where the databases are and try and open them from there, I get the message that this file cannot be found, or, if I try to open it from ACT!, I get the message that files from mapped or shared drives cannot be opened. 
I did try copying the files onto the local drive on my computer and that kind of worked-whenever I tried to open these files, the database had to be verified first, and that seemed to make them work, whether I was opening these databses from within ACT! or from the folder.  In fact, from the local drive I had no problems, for the most part.  As a result of this, I was KIND OF able to get it working for the shared drive as well, but I'm still running into a lot of those error messages. 
I've run into yet another problem as well.  For some reason, whether I'm using the shared drive or the local drive, and I'll click on a particular database to open it, it's like that database is frozen or something-even if I close it and try to open another one, that particular database that I opened first will open instead! 
These databases are saved as .pad and .adf files and I've tried opening both to no avail.  Our ops manager isn't working for us anymore (went off to law school just the other day) and my boss isn't sure how to fix this, so I turn to all of you.  Apparently, it was an absolute hassle getting these databases onto the shared drive, which is something that happened before I started with the company.  All I want is to be able to access these databases from the shared drive.  As soon as possible.  Help! 
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Re: Please help, urgent ACT! issue!



Are you abe to open the database on the server side?  Open the database on the sever and verify share database is enable (Tools > Database Maintenance).