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Please HELP...Problems with Data Sycing

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Please HELP...Problems with Data Sycing

I am having a couple of issues with data syncing.  I suspect that they are all related, but not able to determine what the root cause is or how to fix it.


I have Act HF3


I have the publisher, and 1 RDB on a laptop in my office, and a second RDB on My Ops mgrs laptop.  at this point I have about 1130 records.  We are on a domain.  We use an application sync.


The RDB's when syncing intermittently throw the SyncClient not registered with remoting services error when syncing.  Even when that does not happen, and after rebooting both databases, and attempting to sync again, certain field data does not properly update (usually a few particular fields with dropdowns associated in a custom tab).   When changes are made in the publisher, they do not sync to the RDB's and more recent updates, and vice-versa. 


I have gone through all of the fixes in actdiag, and one of those does not work--the rebuild sync objects fix.  I get the following error message:


"Database 'xxxxx' is already open and can only have one user at a time."


This happens even when the database is closed, and and all remotes are closed, and all add-ins are closed.


Regarding add-ins, I use Doublenotes and Auto-field calculations by Exponenciel.  I have tried to remove them from Plugins and test and that does not fix it.


I have also re-created the fields and the drop-down lists, and that did not fix it, nor did creating a new RDB.  I called Tech support, and they could not resolve this, and escalated me to DBrepair.   My company is already irritated at the support issues surrounding ACT, and will torture me if I have to pay for this, too. 


Anyone have any ideas that could help me?

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Re: Please HELP...Problems with Data Sycing

Hello Mr. Hurford,

In reading your post and the notes from your support call, it does sound like there is corruption in your database. You can test by creating a new database (or use the demo ACT11Demo), creating a new remote database from there, and seeing if the same issue happens when syncing.

Greig Hollister

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