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Picture not showing up in label

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Picture not showing up in label

I am trying to print a picture (not picture field) on labels but the picture is not showing up on the labels.  If I add a border, the border shows up around where the picture should be - but the picture doesn't show up.

I've tried this with two different formats (bmp and jpg) and neither work.


Properties of the Picture1 Picture are as follows:



Background Color: Transparent

Border Color: Black 

Border Style: Solid 

Picture: I've browsed and selected the picture I want to appear

Picture Alignment: Stretch [Left Top]  {I've tried zoom and clip also with no luck}


Visible: True

Can Grow: No

Can Shrink: No

Alignment: Center Middle

Anchor: Top

Height: 0.75

Left: 3.06

Margin Bottom, Left, Right, Top: all set to zero

Top: 0.12

Width 0.81


Name: Picture1



Any help would be greatly appreciated.