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Picture Fields

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Picture Fields

In ACT 2010 Premium I added several picture fields. After upgrading to ACT 2011 Premium, I am finding some of my pictures didn't fare so well regarding the sizing, ie most are smaller than the field. This didn't happen in all my databases. One they don't appear to have changed at all. However, when I clear the picture and re-enter it, I have to go re-size the picture in order for it to fit. Previously, the size of the picture didn't matter, large or small. The Tier II support people says it may be my resolution but it worked in my ACT 2010 on the same computer and I don't think I should have to change the appearance of my screens. I am not a "code writer", so I am uncomfortable with making these changes. I'm certain others are having the same issue.
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Re: Picture Fields

Hello schuckcpcu,

How the picture appears does depend on size and resolution of the image. You may be able to get your pictures to appear better by adjusting the properties of the picture field:

- From the main menu, choose Tools > Design Layouts > Contact. The Layout Designer will open.

- Locate your picture field on the layout and click on the actual field (not the label)

- Press F4 on your keyboard - this will open a Properties box on the right side

- In this box locate Size Options under the Behavior section.

- Change the value to StretchImage. Save and close the layout designer

- If this does not work, then try another size option, such as CenterImage, Normal, or Zoom.

Greig Hollister

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