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Phone number IDs

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Phone number IDs

My version of ACT “Pro 2012 Ver”

Database resides on independent computer not shared

Using Windows 7 OS

Using mobile act with Android Samsung s4 phone


My clients have assistants spouses etc that I would like to identify their individual phone numbers using their first name. What I’ve done in the past is use the extension field next to the phone numbers to put their first name in so that I know which phone number calls which assistant etc which has worked just fine.


However now that I’m using Act mobile to transfer this data to my phone putting text in these fields are complicating dialing the people and it also prevents Act from identifying who’s calling. I’m guessing it’s just a matter of re-formatting the extension fields to a text field but have tried and can’t get it to work.


My goal is to have multiple phone numbers within each contact and be able to have a first name attached or assigned to the number and have it work n my phone.