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Permissions on Attachments folder

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Permissions on Attachments folder

Greetings!  My company recently merged with another and took them on as a branch office.  The branch office uses ACT and they had been previously operating in a Windows workgroup environment.  I moved their workstations, as well as the ACT server, to our Windows domain and they're running Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode.  I created domain accounts for all of them that they're now using.  So far, things have gone well, but here's the snag....


I moved the office over to the domain on the July 4th weekend.  Permissions had been set up all over their ACT server using the local Users group.  I added everyone's domain account to the local Users group and so far, permissions have worked perfectly for everything.  However, when many of the users "attach to sender," the attachment doesn't show up in their History.  This is hit or miss - sometimes they do show up and sometimes they don't.  Am I missing something regarding permissions?


I will also mention that they have a utility they run daily that privatizes the attachments so that each individual user can see their own history, but not someone else's.  Does anyone know what domain permissions are needed for users on the Attachments folder and can you think of any reason why some of the attachments would show up and others wouldn't?

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Re: Permissions on Attachments folder



Are the attachments there prior to the utility running?  Try excluding the database files folder fromany antivirus programs.