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Pending Smart Task Steps Window Keeps Popping Up & can't be accessed

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Pending Smart Task Steps Window Keeps Popping Up & can't be accessed

Using Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version, Hot Fix 2

Using Windows 7 Home Premium


A few weeks ago I clicked to open and see what smart task steps were pending.  I closed the window - everything seemed ok.  The next day, the Pending Smart Task Steps window now keeps appearing and there doesn't seem to be no way to get rid of it. Now... maybe it's supposed to be there and I just never noticed it.  It doesn't seem to interfer with my work and so I could just learn to ignore it but I've learned there are so many quirks through the years with this program that I don't trust it.


On the windows task bar I can see the act icon and when I hover over it - I see a small version of the act program and another screen that shows the smart tasks pendingsteps  which appears to be all blank (white).  I click on the right hand red X to get rid of the window and it goes away.  a minute later - it's back again.  It's important to note that the Pending Smart Task Steps window never appears on the main desktop ... only in the task bar.  While at times I use a dual monitor - I've looked high and low for where this window might be on the secondary monitor thinking that somehow I moved it there to a place I now can't get to.  Not finding it.


If I click on the icon and attempt to move it someplace else in the hope that I can see it someplace and that it would reveal its mysteries to me - when I select move I get the cross arrows indicating the box can be moved to the desktop but nothing happens when I click on the desktop.


Any help here?