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Peachtree Link

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Peachtree Link

I know I should probably check with the people on the Peachtree site for questions about this, but I figure if anyone else uses this and has the same problems then maybe they can help.


I've set up our Peachtree Link on 4 different computers. However, the Peachtree tab does not automatically display in ACT!. I have to go up to Design Layout and change my Design Layout to 800 x 600 (the Peachtree tab is now visible) then I change it back to 1024 x 768 for the Peachtree tab to show up. It's not a huge deal, but I've read on Peachtree's KBs where if this is happening then I need to put the accounting.ctl file into my NetLinks folder. Which I would love to do except I can't find an accounting.ctl file anywhere on any computer. I can't even find it in the Peachtree LInk installation files or the ACT! installation files. 


I'm assuming they've written these instructions for a previous version of Peachtree Link. Anyone else have this issue and know a way to fix it?


I'm on ACT 2010 and Peachtree 2009.


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Re: Peachtree Link

The ctl netlink is only for ACT! 6.0, not ACT! 2010

I don't know Peachtree, but maybe try checking these ACT! Knowledge Base articles -


Or try testing with a differetn (preferably default) layout and see if there's something odd about the layout itself.