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Password Retrieval (ACT v9.0)

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Password Retrieval (ACT v9.0)

Is there a way to locate the password to a ACT database? (or) is there a known error where the password code can become corrupt? (or) since this DB is on my local machine (I am the only user) is there an Admin. feature or Folder where I can ID the assigned password so I can open the file?
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Re: Password Retrieval (ACT v9.0)

If it truly is a password recovery then you will not be able to find the password in a file or folder nor reset it with the ACTDiag utility. You would need to send your database to ACT's Database Services.

Or you can google for ACT password recovery and find some programs that claim to recover it.

Did you ever have a password on the user name before? Because if you are the user to the DB and it has no password assigned it should just open the DB. If it's now asking for a password and you never added a password then it could be corrupt.

Go to the DATABASE LIST Section of the ACTDIAG utility to see what the status of the DB is? (Online or Suspect)
Click START, RUN then type the command below that corresponds to your version of ACT.
Type: ACTDIAG (If v9.x or v10.x of ACT)
Type: ACT8DIAG (If v8.x of ACT)
Type: ACT7DIAG (if v7.x of ACT)

Then Locate the DATABASES Tab, then DATABASE LIST. Locate your DB then and see what is the status.