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Palm sync fails and duplicates activities

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Palm sync fails and duplicates activities

I am reposting this, hoping someone will see the different subject heading


I am setting up my Palm Pilot Tungsten E to synch with my Act 2010 standard edition, single user.  Initial hotsynch worked fine last night.  ( Incidentally, because it was the first hotsynch, now Palm Desktop has all my info in it, which I do not want, in the long run.  However, I don't think anything new is going into the Palm Desktop)


I am a therapist, and have a lot of repeating appointments, so I entered them last night on the Palm.  Today, on trying to synch with Act, I got an error message that said there were too many files.  I've pasted it below.


I don't know if the problem is related to the repeating appointments, or perhaps too many to-dos, or ????  Act now has duplicated events multiple times on the repeating appointments, but the Palm device does not seem to be being updated.


Can someone help me with this?


ACT! by Sage 2010 Version 12.0.409.0, Hotfix 3

Hotsynch 4.1.0

Palm Desktop 4.1.4




HotSync operation started 07/01/10 08:56:40
OK Memos
Calendar - sync configured to Do Nothing
Contacts - sync configured to Do Nothing
OK Tasks
OK Expense
OK Note Pad
OK Quick Install
ACT! Activities Starting       07/01/10 08:56:45.140
Before Begin Synchronization        07/01/10 08:56:50.062
After Begin Synchronization        07/01/10 08:56:50.265
Before ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:50.265
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:53.750
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:53.859
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:53.921
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:53.984
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.062
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.125
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.187
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.250
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.328
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.390
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.468
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.531
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.609
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.703
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.765
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.843
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:54.921
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.000
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.078
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.140
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.234
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.312
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.390
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.593
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.671
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.765
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.859
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:55.937
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:56.015
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:56.093
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:56.171
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:56.250
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:56.343
After ClearToSend        07/01/10 08:56:56.437
Sync terminated unexpectedly. Not all data was sync'd 07/01/10 08:56:57
ACT! Contacts Starting       07/01/10 08:56:59.765
   -- Backing up db ACTTransLogDB to file C:\Program Files\Palm\TuckerD\Backup\ACTTransLogDB.PDB
System synchronization failed
Protocol Error: Too many files.  (4403)
HotSync operation complete 07/01/10 08:57:01

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Palm sync continues to fail -- help needed!

[ Edited ]

I really need some help with this.  I am a new user to Act 2010 single user.  I have a Palm Tungsten E, Palm Desktop 4.1.4.

Below is the error message I keep getting.


I've gotten the same error msg each time, after the following variations.


I performed the initial synch as directed, with Desktop overwrites handheld.  That went fine.


Then I entered my repeating appts into my Palm, which is how I work.  First synch seemed to be ok.


Ever since, synch has failed, and causes dups of activities, with the same error msg. 


At first, because of the first synch, activities were in the Palm desktop.  I tried removing them.  No change; same problem.

Removed all the dup activities from Act database; no change; same problem, except now only a few activities duped.

At no point are actiivities now synching to Palm


Tried entering a couple of new activities in Palm, including a non-repeating appt.  At same time, tried entering different new activities in Act.  Nothing is going back and forth; same error message.  Please help


Oh, and all the activities end up on My Record, not on the linked contact.


HotSync operation started 07/05/10 16:11:29
OK Memos
Calendar - sync configured to Do Nothing
Contacts - sync configured to Do Nothing
Tasks - sync configured to Do Nothing
Expense - sync configured to Do Nothing
OK Note Pad
OK Quick Install
ACT! Activities Starting       07/05/10 16:11:33.484
Before Begin Synchronization        07/05/10 16:11:38.703
After Begin Synchronization        07/05/10 16:11:38.906
Before ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:38.906
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:41.953
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.062
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.140
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.187
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.265
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.328
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.390
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.468
After ClearToSend        07/05/10 16:11:42.531
Sync terminated unexpectedly. Not all data was sync'd 07/05/10 16:11:43
ACT! Contacts Starting       07/05/10 16:11:46.203
   -- Backing up db Saved Preferences to file C:\Program Files\Palm\TuckerD\Backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
System synchronization failed
Protocol Error: Too many files.  (4403)
HotSync operation complete 07/05/10 16:11:47

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Re: Palm sync continues to fail -- help needed!

Hello dtmfcc,

I found a blog posting on that discusses this error in relation to the Palm Tungten. Please read over the discussion and see if this helps with your situation. Here is the link: 84-protocol-error-too-many-files-4403-a.html


I just did a Google search for "Protocol Error: Too many files.  (4403)" and was able to find this. Other postings suggest it could a be conduit conflict and suggested systematically disabling conduits to see which one was the culprit.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Palm sync continues to fail -- help needed!

Seems like the suggestions all point to needing to have Act overwrite the desktop, which I did as recommended in the best practices.  Also seems like I need to get rid of the Docs in the Docs to Go folder.  I will try these things again, and post back my results.  My concern is that I won't be able to set subsequent appts on my Palm, but I guess we'll just have to see.